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Why are you here?

27 Aug 2017, written by angelsix Luke Malpass

For those of you who already know me, you probably know I have a YouTube channel.

That has generated a lot of interest and I get a lot of questions :question:, comments and requests now. Some things are small, simple and really don’t warrant a full video being made.

In order to answer those smaller questions, as well as to post any small hint, tip or cool software thing I am doing on that particular day I figured a simple small blog would be a good place for it :sunglasses:

So, that is why you are here. You will find smaller posts about anything on my mind :thinking:, possibly answering questions from YouTube or just providing a nice little software/hardware tip.

You now have the ability to :speech_balloon: comment directly to this blog below also, give it a try

Stay tuned! :v:

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