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Slim Windows 10 Start Menu

14 Sep 2017, written by angelsix Luke Malpass

In my continued efforts to clean up the Windows 10 UI another thing that has annoyed me since it’s release is the oversized, over-invasive start menu with all of its Pictures, Calendar, Games I Never Installed and other advertising and details about my machine and account showing every time I just open the start menu.

So this is what it usually looks like (I’ve cleaned mine up some already at this point):

Windows 10 Start Menu

So cleaning this up is pretty easy, but yet many people don’t realize you can. Open the start menu then right-click on any item and click Unpin from Start

Unpin from Start

Once you have unpinned all items, close and re-open the start menu and now you have a nice slim menu :+1:

Slim Start Menu

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