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Quicker way to Open As Admin text files

19 Sep 2017, written by angelsix Luke Malpass

I am sure as a developer at some point you have had to open a configuration file, text file or system file such as the hosts file, some program files xml or json file, or like me recently some code snippet files in Visual Studio.

I am guessing the quickest way you have found to do that is pressing the Windows key, then typing Notepad then right-clicking, Run As Administrator and finally opening the file that way. Right?

Well, I hate long-winded ways to do simple tasks so I found a really easy cheat to do it quicker.

Usually you find yourself in the situation where you are already browsing for the file and have it in sights


Then you right-click and edit with your favorite editor, edit and save… only to find it fails to save due to permission denied.


So then you do the above mentioned steps of closing the editor, re-opening of your text editor as administrator, browsing to the file location all over again and re-opening the file.

Well no more. Let me introduce you to my quick hack.

  1. Press Win + R to open Run… then type %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo and press Enter to open the SendTo folder.

  2. Create a shortcut of whatever text editor you like by going to it’s install path such as C:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code then right-clicking the application and selecting Create Shortcut

    Create Shortcut

  3. Right-click the new shortcut and select Properties. In Advanced check Run As Administrator

    Create Shortcut

  4. Move this shortcut to the SendTo folder opened in step 1

    Create Shortcut

Now whenever you want to edit a file that needs administrator privileges it is as simple as browsing to the file, right-clicking and selecting Send To... and selecting your editor.

Create Shortcut

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